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Acne Care

Ultra Light UV Emulsion


DermaAngel Ultra Light Emulsion is specially designed for facial skin with a water-light refreshing feel, spreads easily over skin and fit perfectly. Natural plant extracts added to control oil and prevent acne. High SPF and tone up effect, creating a naturally translucent complexion.

Lightweight, Oil control and Anti-Acne

High UVA/UVB Protection | Oil Control | Tone Up Effect

Water-light feel, highly breathable emulsion

UV emulsion

Ocean-friendly, additive-free formula

• Formulation complied with EWG guide and free from 10 ingredients forbidden in Hawaii and Palau.  
• Free from parabens, alcohol, fragrances and colorants.

Four Key Advantages

1. High UVA/UVB Protection
SPF50+/Boost Star★★★★

The highest level of defense, effectively resisting UVA/UVB.

High UVA/UVB protection

2. Oil Control
Ac.Net added to have oil control effect, a plant-derived sebum conditioning factor, reduces abnormal oil problems. Particularly suitable for oily, acne-prone skin.

Ac.Net oil control effect

3. Tone Up Effect
Purple tint natural mineral ingredient

Designed for Face use, is good match with make-up. Mineral mattifing powder to tone up the dull complexion.

Mineral mattifing Powder

4. Ocean-friendly Formulation
Formulation complied with EWG guide

Free from 10 ingredients forbidden in Hawaii and Palau. No special makeup remover is needed, can be easily removed by general cleaning.

Ocean friendly formulation

How to use

UV emulsion direction

After daily skincare routine, apply a proper amount into the palms.

UV emulsion direction

Gently apply to face and neck. Recommended to apply 20 minutes before going out.