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Prebiotics Hydrating Cream


DermaAngel Prebiotics Hydrating Cream added Ceramide III to retain the skin’s natural moisture​, providing the essential nutrients for healthy, hydrated and stronger skin. Yogurtene Balance technology repairs dehydrated and unstable skin to regain health, supple and natural Angel-Like Skin.

Strengthen the Skin Barrier

Protection | Repairing | Hydrating | Nourishing

Lightweight formulation nourishes the skin barrier


Simplified formulation

• Silky-smooth creamy texture
• For normal to combination, and dry skin
• Free from alcohol, fragrances and colorants

Yogurtene Balance Technology


Balances the skin microbiome to strengthen the skin barrier and increase skin defense for a healthy and hydrated appearance.

vitamin b5

A powerful moisturizer repairs and enhances the skin’s barrier.

hyaluronic acid

Increases skin hydration level, for instant and long lasting moisturized.

Reduce roughness 81%*
Ceramide III to retain the skin’s natural moisture​

Ceramide III, a ceramide, reinforces the skins natural protective lipid barrier which supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and forms an effective barrier against water loss. The same molecule as human skin works for long term protection and to repair the sensitive and dry skin.


Silky-smooth creamy texture

Moisturizing and non-sticky, quickly restores skin elasticity for a plump, hydrated complexion.

cream texture

*Tested by the original laboratory of Evonik in Germany. Ceramide III decreases roughness of healthy skin and prevent roughness of damaged skin.