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Acne Care

Post-Acne Spot Lightening Serum


Advanced healing ingredient, which can strengthen the skin’s capability to keep moisture. Work from the fundamental of the skin to renew the collagen.
Whitening ingredient to lighten the melanin.
Compound formula to prevent the acne relapse.
Mild and tender to the skin, refreshing and not irritating.

Flattening & brightening from the inside out

Smoothing scar|Lightening spot|Compound formula|Gentle on skin

Underlie skin rejuvenation & lighten the acne marks

Moisturizing formula

Caring all aspects with 8 effective ingredients

Four Key Advantages

1. Smoothing scar
Skin renewal for smoothing acne scars

AVENA SATIVA (OAT) KERNEL EXTRACT forms a water-retention layer that enhances skin protection. It works with onion extract to regulate skin reduce, and thus soothe rough and dry skin, allowing the top layer of the skin to return to its smooth to improve acne scar cosmetics overlain.

2. Lightening spot
Blemish reduction and restoration of bright skin

Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C lighten the blemishes, while Allantoin gently softens dead skin, accelerating blemish reduction, improving dull skin and making the skin brighter and more radiant.

3. Compound formula
Multiple cares for making moist, tender and smooth skin

With tea tree oil, aloe, other natural plant extracts and royal jelly, DermaAngel gently tightens pores and controls acne skin while soothing and hydrating the skin to reduce acne marks and restore skin elasticity.

4. Gentle on skin
Mild, refreshing and skin-friendly

The serum is free of pigments, and mineral oil, and is slightly acidic, close to the pH value of the skin. The mild and refreshing texture are not easily caused irritation to the skin but allows the serum to be absorbed for maximum benefit.

How to use

Wash your face with DermaAngel cleanser.

Apply an appropriate amount of the serum to the acne spot.

Apply 2~3 times a daily or as needed

  • Tips!

    The use of DermaAngel acne patch!
  • In a month after the acne wound healed. At this time the skin is under regeneration. To use the DermaAngel Lightening Serum 2-3 times a day and keep using for 2-4 weeks and the scar and spot will be improved significantly.