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Acne Care

Intensive Gel


Treats root cause without irritation.
Enhances the skin protection to prevent relapse.
Mild formula prevents from peeling.
Persistent lightening formula lightens acne scars.
Tilted tip design makes clean and quickly apply.

Treat acne at the root, strengthen skin health

Deep penetration│High efficacy│Blemish remedy

Ceramide (skin-friendly ingredient) + 2% salicylic acid (effective anti-acne) + 2%
Sulfur (dry out acne) + Ester-C (whitening), get rid of acne tenderly and scar free.

Moisturizing formula

Tender Loving Skincare:

Neutral formula is close to the pH value of skin and is not irritating.

Four Key Advantages

1. Efficient
Deep penetration to treat root cause without irritation

Ceramide is added to help the active anti-acne ingredients penetrate deep into the skin
while enhancing the protection to the skin.

2. Effective
Compound high-concentration formula to treat acne quickly

2% salicylic acid + 2% sulfur are effective in inhibiting bacteria, drying out pus and
preventing formation of new pimples.

3. Whitening
Persistent lightening formula to prevent & lighten acne scar

Put in Ester-C, which is longer-lasting effect than vitamin C, lightens the blemishes
and improves your skin tone and complexion.

4. Hygienic
Slanted tip to easily apply without finger

Slanted reducer tip for easy application without direct use of a finger to
avoid secondary infection, and easily reapply any time.

How to Use

Wash your face with DermaAngel cleanser

Apply an appropriate amount of the gel to the affected area directly from the dispensing tube

Apply 2~3 times a daily or as needed